All of the roads on the race route will be open to traffic. Watch for traffic and be careful at all turns and road crossings. Late in the race when you are tired, remember to be extra careful as your judgment and reaction times will be impaired by fatigue.

Flagrant and/or repeat violations of the following rules will result in disqualification of the runner.

This is not an empty threat - there were race participants who were disqualified in the past.

  • Run on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic unless otherwise directed.
  • Cross other roads where indicated and follow instructions of Road Marshals and other Race Officials.
  • Runners may have personal handlers and receive aid at any point along the course where it is safe to do so.
  • Handlers must not drive or cycle alongside the runners. Park at a safe place on the right side of the road, safely cross the road and hand off drink, food or clothing to the runner. No parking on the left side of the road!
  • Handlers must not park on shoulders of Rte. 21, Rte. 245 and Middle Rd. See special parking instructions in Race Handbook for these busy roads.
  • Handlers must not park along roads within close proximity of aid stations and impede operations of the aid station, they are to follow the parking instructions in the Race Handbook and any instructions of the Aid Station volunteers.
  • Pacers are allowed for both races after the Vine Valley Aid Station. Pacers do not pay an entry fee but must read, sign and turn in the waiver before the race start.
  • Pacers are not allowed to "mule" for their runners, i.e., the runner still must carry his/her own water bottles, food, spare clothes, etc.
  • Early Starters must wear a reflective garment - reflective vest or reflective t-shirt until after sunrise.
  • Runners who exit the Kipp Road Aid Station after 5:45 PM must wear a reflective reflective garment.
  • No littering. Each aid station will have a trash bag for your use. Anyone caught littering will be disqualified.
  • Race participants are accountable for actions of their handlers and pacers.

Having pacers and/or handler at CanLake50 is a privilege and with this privilege comes responsibility that they are aware and follow all the safety rules or face disqualification. Most common cause for race participant to be disqualified in the past was handler's ignorance of the race safety rules.